Where people are valued

Active Lives is a long established centre in East Kent and our aim has always been to provide our Students with enriching life experiences through our wide ranging programmes of vocational and educational training.

Our objective is to empower our Students by helping them to develop independence and life skills through the use of specific needs based learning. Our programmes include actual work activities through placements in local convenience stores on-line sales through our eCommerce website and confectionery packing. We are also able to offer many other activities including:

Horse Riding

and community based activities.

Active Lives is also currently establishing our in house ASDAN courses which are aimed at working towards independence and supported employment. We have a sound development structure which means we are able to provide progress reports on a regular basis and ensure that through regular assessment our students benefit from support that they need on an individual basis.

We welcome adults with special needs both learning and physical from the Kent area and are committed to providing an exciting and friendly environment in which our students can develop.

Visits to our centre can be arranged for visitors who would like to explore what we are able to offer students enrolling at Active Lives and we also run annual events to which members of the public are welcome. If you would like more information about Active Lives please do contact us through our Contact page.